INTERVAL and DRILLS Camp will be offered FREE!

Yes, you read it right…FREE! (We got a sponsor.)

Just bring yourself to our tambayan or email us.


We’ll post the schedule soon.



Runner’s Jeopardy #5



1.   13minutes 58.43 seconds

2.   13minutes 58.2 seconds


1. What is the current Philippine record for the 5,000 meters  (5k)?   (est. Oct.10, 2002)

2. What was the world record for the  5,000 meters (5k)  in Sept.20, 1942?

Christmas Party UPDATE

The group had their “wholesome/sober” Christmas party last Wednesday in Pho Bac Vietnamese restaurant in Fort. Noodles, spring roll, beef stew and salad were the staple. It wasn’t a surprise that no one took the initiative to take some pictures. The celebration came after their interval workout and it was natural for everyone to feel lethargic and famished so posing for the cam was the last thing on their mind. Thanks for the gifts!

May we have more  parties to come!

Note: Attached are just reference pics but almost similar to what happened during the party.


yes, someone slept after eating.

Yes, someone slept on the roof of her car.

And yes, we have a baby in the group, our youngest member.

We're bloated after the party.

Committed and Passionate? Yes, YOU!

Subway Triathlon Team

Do you have what it takes to be part of  The Subway Triathlon Team?

Subway is currently searching for dedicated and talented individuals to complement the roster of  accomplished triathletes in the team.

Join our weekly bikeouts (Rizal-Laguna) and every wednesday interval workouts (Bonifacio High Street) , so we can evaluate your performance.



Mobile:  0915-7816488

Interval and Drills Camp Update


We had our first day of the Interval camp last wednesday, Dec. 8.  A small group of dedicated runners showed up and tried the initial/assessment workout.

December 15, wednesday, will be the next camp day.

We hope to see you then!


*We will be posting soon a write-up regarding the benefits and advantages of interval and drills training…Watch out for it!


Runner’s Jeopardy #4

Spiridon Louis



Who was the first modern-day Olympic marathon, 1896 Summer Olympics,  winner?

Matabungkay Triathlon 1988

We’ve been doing triathlons since it was first introduced in the Philippines. Tita Cory was still president then.  We found these photos and we want to share them with you. (No laughing please!)

Bare torso was not scandalous then, unlike today

Female triathletes show less skin then


No hydration belts, elastic laces, fancy tri-shoes but we had skateboard helmets and Ray-Ban shades

No aerobars, aerowheels, aero helmets. Bikes were made out of Nawasa tubes.

We were pro-environment ever since. Notice the kaing (for our tri-stuff)

We had shoelaces on our cycling shoes. Velcro straps were unheard of.


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